LNC Assist -Tire Pressure Solution - is a user interface/user experience design mockup created to find a solution for low tire pressure in a luxury SUV utilized by a family. The key design decision was the LNC Assist, a feature that complements the vehicle’s luxury status, as luxury consumers are paying for the convenience and quality of their driving experience. This feature allows the driver to have access to a skilled representative that will direct and assist the user in receiving assistance with a low tire psi.

Tire Pressure Solution: LNC Assist - Automated representative with navigation capabilities.

Vehicle Information Cluster with alerts, vehicle range, speedometer, PRND, odometer, and minimized vehicle function.

Vehicle Landing Page: Status bar, LNC Assist activation feature, audio controls, app selector, current navigation, internal and external temperature, welcome message, date, and time

Vehicle Climate Screen including overall on/off button left and right vehicle side temperature control, fan speed, front defrost, rear defrost, air direction, A/C on/off button.

Vehicle Settings Screen including vehicle settings, display settings, tire controls, trip information, vehicle setup, safety and security, and software information.

Vehicle Mobile App including vehicle power button, lock/unlock, year and vehicle model information, vehicle outline, vehicle security alarm, low tire alert, status bar, and app selector feature.

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